2000-3000BPH Glass Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

GCGF14-12-4 rinsing, filling, capping machine is an automatic machine for glass bottled drinks production. the machine is automatic controlled by PLC. suitiable bottle size range is from 200ml to 2000ml. there are different capping heads for crown cap, aluminum cap and plastic cap.

1. Determination of filling level

The filling level error is less than 2 mm, which is better than the industry standard.

2. High efficiency
With the advanced frequency conversion speed, this filling machine can fill up to 3000 bottles per hour.

3. The bottle type height adjustment range is large.
The range of the bottle is 186-310 mm. It is easy to adjust and can be adjusted at any time.

4. No liquid loss, no leakage.
The mouth of the bottle and the filling valve are closely connected. No leakage of liquid will occur during filling .

5. Wide application.
It can be used for wine, soy sauce, vinegar, liquor, and canned drinks without gas.

6. Clear the bottle.
This machine uses spiral bottle opener to carry out the bottle, without the phenomenon of the stucking bottle, so that the bottle is safer.


GCGF 14-12-4


Stainless steel 304

Production capacity

3000B/H (500ml)

Detail specification

Number of rinsing heads


Number of filling heads


Number of capping heads


Applicable bottles

Glass bottle

Bottle diameter


Bottle Height


Bottle Volume

200-2500 ml

Applicable caps

Crown cap, alunimum cap

Total power



2500 Kg

Custom Field

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