100-150BPH 5 Gallon Filling Machine

TXG-150 rinsing, filling, capping machine is the key equipment for drinking barreled water of 5 gallon and 6 gallon production. It is the ideal equipment for mineral water, purified water production. This equipment is automatic one with three functions in it. they are washing, filling and capping.

The capping system is drived by cylinder. There are enough caps for one hour usage in cap bin. Washing pressure is indicated, inner washing pressure is more than 0.28 MPA, washing time is longer than 16 seconds.

The main electricity parts adopt SIEMENS, Mitsubishi products. Air powered parts adopt AIRTAC products. The equipment is compacted, steady, effective for barrel water production.

Model List for more options:

Model Capacity
TXG-150 150BPH (3-5 gallon)
TXG-300 300BPH (3-5 gallon)
TXG-450 450BPH (3-5 gallon)
TXG-600 600BPH (3-5 gallon)
TXG-900 900BPH (3-5 gallon)
TXG-1200 1200BPH (3-5 gallon)
TXG-1500 1500BPH (3-5 gallon)
TXG-2000 2000BPH (3-5 gallon)



Filling heads


Filling capacity


Barrel dimension


Producing capacity

150 bottles/Hour


380V, 50HZ,maximum power consumption 3KW. Because of intermittent working of all parts, the working power is 2.5KW Only.

Water consumption

Filling 2T/H; purified water washing 0.5T/H

The washing process are composed of 3 steps.

The first step: cycle water washing; The second step: pure water washing; The third step: drip

external dimension

2000*600*1500 mm


about 1T

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