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18000-22000BPH Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

18000-22000BPH Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

CGF series rinsing filling capping machine is widely used for no gas drinking water, such as alkalescent water, mineralized water, pure water as well as mineral water, it’s very popular for all over worlds beverage manufactory for different request, we can fabricate the water filling machine according to customer’s order!

model CGF50-50-12 offers high capacity ability for automatic bottled water production.

●High capacity filling machine is consist of washing machine, filling machine and capping machine. considering transportation, it could be departed into three parts. assembeling in the factory for production. the whole part of washing machine is made of stainless steel. water draining time is 3 seconds.

●New type of high flux filling valve cound ensure high efficient filling working. there is air drain pipe in the filling valve to control water level in bottled water. we could ensure certain water level based on your requirement.

●the strength of capping head is adjustable. we shall adjust the strength to be best for client’s cap and bottle during our whole line testing in our workshop. there is nylon size changing part for different bottle size. this is the only part you need to change with different bottle size.


CGF 50-50-12


Stainless steel 304

Production capacity

22000B/H (500ml)

Detail specification

Number of rinsing heads


Number of filling heads


Number of capping heads


Applicable bottles

PET bottle,plastic bottle

Bottle diameter


Bottle Height


Bottle Volume

200-2500 ml

Applicable caps

Plastic screw cap

Total power

7.5 Kw


9000 Kg

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